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Eddy: bass, vocals

Years of experience in different bands and as a singer-songwriter.
Played 20 years in a brass band (trumpet) makes his own compositions (see JaXon playlist) .
As bassplayer-singer-animator at JaXon,  he is at its best!

Loutfi : guitars,  vocals

Plays for almost 40 years the guitar and keyboard, and is also a very good singer. After several decades in different bands and as a solo artist,he gets into country music.
Enjoy this superb guitar player at JaXon.

Georges: drums

On his 8th birthday he had his first drum kit. With nearly 50 years experience in different blues-rock, ballroom, classical,... bands.
He is one of the pillars of JaXon.

Inian : guitars, vocals

It’s only for 2 years that our youngest musician dicovered the love for the guitar.   A lot of exercising and ambition gets him on to his first steps on stage as rhythm guitar player.
Watch him grow as musician at JaXon !

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